Flat Connections Global Project 17-1 Awards

Congratulations to all students!
A big thank you to our teachers and judges and to Fred Hass our meta-judge this semester.

Multimedia Meta-Awards

These go to the best multimedia works overall from the SIX topic winners in each group.

About our Meta-judges:

Lead Judge: Fred HaasFred Haas.jpg

Fred Haas is the technology integration coordinator at Hopkinton High School in the Boston suburb of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA. A late arrival to teaching, he previously worked in the theatre and film industries, in both performance and production capacities. As an education technology consultant, he specialized in software training and broadband network video long before YouTube.

Since becoming an educator, he has taught and created courses in English, journalism, and digital media, including face-to-face, all online, and hybrid learning environments. In addition to the professional development responsibilities of his current position, he continues to teach screenwriting online. He also serves as the technology liaison for the Boston Writing Project, a National Writing Project affiliate, as well as received a Calderwood Fellowship for the Teaching of Writing.

He has led multiple classes through Flat Connections Projects and participated in the inaugural certification course.

Final comments from Fred Haas:
This project always renders a number of interesting videos. Creating a video based on research that embraces and makes strong use of the medium is always challenging. However, it is a challenge well worth pursuing, requiring a whole range of skills. Distilling academic research, making decisions about storytelling, developing a script that works with visuals, creating or curating video assets, creating or working with audio assets, editing and layering multiple multimedia elements, and developing an overall aesthetic style are just some of the skills that students put into practice while making their video projects.

Consequently, students that attempt to shoot their own original footage, make use of their own recorded voice, and attempt novel storytelling while crafting their videos always rise to the top in my mind. What is always exciting is when the creativity of approach, technical elements, and synthesis of information all come together in a collective whole that informs and engages.

Design and Technical Quality:
While originally shot video always gives projects an edge in my mind, this project's crop of videos the strength was with a solid script that provided structure and clarity about the topic. Combined with a quality voice-over, there were a handful of videos that separated themselves from the other selections in terms of design and technical quality. There are few substitutes that work as well when communicating complex information than a human voice paired with compelling visuals.

Synthesis and Construction of Ideas:
As mentioned, the strongest videos for this project were ones where the scripts provided a level of synthesis and well-structured ideas about their topic that were informative and engaging. Understanding how to distil the research on a topic into a clear and effective message that is both informative and engaging is no small task. Using original footage or remixing curated footage to match the scripted content shows a level of synthesis that is immediately noticeable. As always, it is the combination and expression of ideas that makes for the strongest content. This project also featured some genuinely creative approaches that deserve recognition as well.

First Place

5.5A.1 AI: Is it a good or bad thing? by kaylap_bmhs_2:

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This video combines a great script, solid voice-over, and well-suited visuals to match the audio content. The script for this information is developed and presented in a compelling way that narrowly eclipsed many alternatives. Using questions to frame and structure the video's content also is a strong choice which establishes clear segments that build into an effective whole. The voice-over provides an authenticity to the information being delivered, as well as establishing a craft and human touch to the work. Also, primarily using still images helps establish the best synchronicity between what is viewed and heard. The clarity of message in this video is second to none.

Second Place

5.5C.4 Artificial Intelligence - Impact on Individual and World by MatanB_AAHS:

This video also combines a great script, solid voice-over, and a good selection of curated video footage. The script develops and presents a strong argument about the topic and includes multiple angles for consideration. The voice-over and audio is the strongest of the bunch, without question, combining excellent vocals and a well-chosen score. Using found video footage, the video provides a slick, professional-quality aesthetic that is compelling. The footage limitations of the provider may have created more challenge but what was chosen makes for a strong overall product.

Third Place

6.6B.1 Wearable Technology and Education by Aerionna R:

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This video took a more creative turn in its storytelling, using original footage, and an overall concept to communicate the message. The combination of narrative informative communication is clever and quality. The concept of dramatizing an aspect of the topic to make it real is not one that is often chosen but can be remarkably effective, as it is here. The original footage shot worked well but the conceptual design of the video worked even better.

Honourable Mentions

3.3A.5 Robots in Society by CamiF_DFHS
4.4A.5 Virtual Reality in Society KaylaS-BMHS-45
2.2D.2 Online Learning and the Environment by MadelineB_SSA
2.2D.1 Online Learning and the Environmental Impact by BelindaR_bmhs_2

Multimedia Awards

These awards go to the best multimedia works. Student work will be assessed against two criteria related to the objectives of the Flat Connections Global Project. A winner, runner-up, third place and honorable mention (if appropriate) has been awarded in each of the SIX major topics.

See Rubrics (hyperlink to Rubrics wiki for current project) for details about:
  • Criterion A: Design and Technical Quality
  • Criterion B: Synthesis and Construction of Ideas

These awards were given by our expert panel of judges (hyperlink to Judges wiki for current project)
(for each award add multimedia #, Student hyperlinked to Ning profile, and video title)

Topic #1 Makerspaces

Judges - Terry Smith and Tamara Wolpowitz
First: 1.1A.2 Makerspaces by BrysonK_QCA
Second: 1.1B.6 Makerspaces by AntonioM_AAHS
Third: 1.1A.6 Makerspaces by AlydaJ_DFHS
HM: 1.1C.4 Makerspaces Impact on the Individual by AmolS_AAHS

Topic #2 Online Learning

Judges: Paula and Toni
First: 2.2D.5 Online Learning and Impact on Environment by NicG_dfhs
Second: 2.2C.4 Online Learning by Vincent P
Third: 2.2D.1 Online Learning and the Environmental Impact by BelindaR_bmhs_2
HM: 2.2D.2 Online Learning and the Environment by MadelineB_SSA

Topic #3 Robotics

Judges: Lynn and Tamara
First: 3.3D.3 Robots and the Impact on the Environment by CarolynB_AAHS
Second: 3.3D.4 Robotics by AdamW_AAHS
Third: 3.3A.5 Robots in Society by CamiF_DFHS
HM: 3.3A.3 Robotics by MalicaH_AAHS

Topic #4 Virtual Reality

Judges: Chris and Toni
First: 4.4A.5 Virtual Reality in Society KaylaS-BMHS-45
Second: 4.4B.3 Virtual Reality by NoaB_AAHS
Third: 4.4A.4 Impact of Virtual Reality on Society by CarolineN_AAHS
HM: 4.4D.4 Virtual Reality by NickG_AAHS

Topic #5 Artificial Intelligence

Judges: Wendy and Tamara
First: 5.5C.4__Artificial Intelligence - Impact on Individual and World__ by__MatanB_AAHS__
Second: 5.5A.4__Artificial Intelligence__ by__AmyA_AAHS__
Third: 5.5A.1 AI:__Is it a good or bad thing?__ by kaylap_bmhs_2
HM: 5.5C.5__Artificial Intelligence: Impact on the individual__by__NoahN__

Topic #6 Wearable Technology

Judges: Janice and Toni
First: 6.6B.1 Wearable Technology and Education by Aerionna R
Second: 6.6C.2 Wearable Technology and Impact on Individual by TaylorT_bmhs_2
Third: 6.6D.5 Wearable Technology by nicolet_dfhs
HM: 6.6D.7 Wearable Technology Impact On Enviroment by melissaX_DFHS

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