Keynote for the Flat Connections Global Project 17-1

'One Classroom, One World'

This keynote is about envisioning the future of education, the future of school.

Students in this Flat Connections Global Project, you are already experiencing the future of learning - connected, collaborative, co-created outcomes.
  • What do you really understand about this?
  • What do you really think about this?
  • How can we encourage other schools to participate in global collaboration?

Jennifer Klein is about to release a new BOOK, The Global Education Guidebook. In this BLOG POST 'One classroom, one world: Lowering the schoolhouse walls through global partnerships' she states:
  • Lowering our classroom walls is about building equitable learning partnerships and seeing what we can learn from each other, discovering ways we can collaborate to support each other’s goals and build deep, humanizing connections that allow us to see each other as fully human.
  • One of the greatest challenges of global partnerships is building a truly equitable relationship between classrooms in different parts of the world.
  • And what might change about our students’ world views if their early global experiences didn’t just come from videos and books with the intent to observe or explore, but also included live, authentic interactions with real young people outside their communities, interactions in which mutual benefit, growth, and constructive local action were the goals?

Here is YOUR challenge:
  • Read Jennifer's blog post
  • Discuss YOUR experiences in the Flat Connections Global Project
    • How 'flat' was your learning?
    • What was new and exciting to you?
    • What didn't work and could be improved?
  • Share your ideas about the future of learning, the future of school, the future of global education
    • What should all students experience in high school?
    • How do we make this happen?

Share your responses via this FLIPGRID!
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  • This is an online tool that records a video of you for 1.5 minutes max.
  • It is very easy to use
  • You can respond to other students comments as well